T.L. v. T.D., (Providence District Court) In a civil dispute concerning the sale of a motorcycle on eBay, attorney Connolly successfully argued a Motion to Dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction on behalf of a Maryland defendant.  As a result of attorney Connolly's advocacy, his client was able to avoid traveling to Rhode Island to litigate in a distant forum.  Brief.


State v. M. R., (Newport District Court) At the arraignment of a client on a charge of Assault with a Deadly Weapon in a Dwelling at Nighttime, which carries the possibility of a hold without bail, attorney Connolly successfully argued to have the charge amended to Felony Assault, which requires the Court to set bail.  The client posted bail and is out today as a result.  Additionally, the amended charge shaved decades of the client’s potential exposure.


State v. C. R., (Newport District Court) In a recent DUI case, attorney Connolly successfully argued a Motion to Dismiss on corpus delecti grounds where the client admitted to police that he had driven the car and had crashed the car, but was not in the car when the officer arrived on scene.


State v. R. D., (Newport Superior Court) Attorney Connolly obtained a Not Guilty verdict after jury trial on charge of Domestic Refusal to Relinquish Telephone.

State v. M.C., (Providence Superior Court) Motion to Dismiss Granted on issues of first impression concerning Rhode Island's Habitual Offender Driving Statute.

State v. A.P., (R.I. Supreme Court) Briefed and argued issues of first impression before Rhode Island Supreme Court.

H. Doe v. Portsmouth Sch. Comm., (Decision of R.I. Comm’r of Educ. Issued), Successfully litigated civil rights action against the Portsmouth School Committee on behalf of a student who sought to appear in his high school yearbook portrait dressed as a knight.  BriefDecision.


K. v. A.W.C., (R.I. Supreme Court) – Drafted amicus brief to R.I. Supreme Court on behalf of the Products Liability Advisory Counsel successfully arguing for recognition of forum non conveniens.  Brief.  Decision.


H v. MGC, (United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island) – Defense of a multi-million dollar contract dispute.  


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